A basic jewelry wardrobe that every woman should own

  • 2022-04-23

Everyone has their own style that comprises their favorite pair of jeans, a go-to jacket for any occasion, and a dress for special occasions. The same is true for jewelry. While you may get away with wearing the same accessories every day, you still have to own an essential set. In this article, we are going to talk about fashionable jewelry essentials that will add a touch of class to any ensemble.

You need to have a personal collection of jewelry, as it can be a pretty important part of your overall look. You probably think that it might cost you a fortune to do so. That is why you should take a look at MoissaniteCo.com and see how beautiful moissanite stones can be. These accessories are fashionable and flexible, and they can be used to accent any outfit. Even a single one jewelry piece can be the fundamental item that completes a look and is the final finishing touch. Don’t be scared to spend a lot of money on it, since it might remain with you for decades to come. Here are some of the jewelry items that you have to own.

Stud Earrings

Stud Earrings are something that you can definitely wear every day, regardless of your mood or dress choice. It is interesting, but when they were developed, they were worn not by women, but rather by men in the Ancient Egypt, where soldiers wore them as a form of accessory, according to legend. Everything has changed since then, and today, girls can be seen wearing these laconic earrings as early as the age of four or even earlier. Most likely, that is the very first jewelry that most women wear. If you want to have a shiny pair of stud earrings with colorful stones in the shape of flowers or hearts, you will definitely stand out from the crowd.


Straightforward, minimalistic, and effective. A beloved daily ring should not be mistaken with an engagement ring or a wedding band. Such a daily ring can easily be used to highlight your manicure or add a touch of flair to your overall look. It can be a plain ring made of white or yellow metal, with no active decorations, and should not be adorned with anything else. Because you are going to wear it often, make sure you select something that complements your personal style and is warm to yourself.

Watch on the wrist

A watch can easily be a final chord of your look. Even if you’re accustomed to viewing the time on your smartphone’s screen, a watch can reveal a great deal about the person who wears it. When selecting a watch, it is important to consider your unique style as it can greatly change it. It can be something traditional, casual, athletic, or any other style. Depending on the watch design that you choose, you can perceive yourself more masculine, minimalist, elegant, athletic, luxury, and more feminine. It is critical that all your accessories blend in with your overall outfit style. This will enable you to buy clothes that will complete your overall look rather than distort it.