9 Ideas When You Need Money Urgently

  • 2024-07-01

Life often throws surprises our way, which can come with a hefty price. Finding ways to gather the needed funds quickly can be stressful, whether it's an unforeseen medical bill, an urgent home repair, or another financial emergency.

It's always helpful to have some extra cash. But there are moments when we need money desperately and as soon as possible. If you're in such a situation, here are some ideas for when you need money urgently.

Do some freelance work online

You could make money online by working as a virtual assistant. Virtual assistants perform different tasks for a business, such as scheduling meetings, booking travel arrangements, tracking expenses, or compiling data.

This is a flexible job that allows you to earn money quickly. And if you have copywriting design, or coding skills, freelance work should earn you the cash you need. Different platforms can help you find freelancing jobs, and you can choose them.

Ask for an advance on your salary

Depending on your workplace, you might be able to ask for an advance on your salary. Check your employee handbook to see if salary advances are covered.

If there is, follow the guidelines to request your employer. You might have to do it in writing or talk to your boss briefly. If they agree, you could get your entire salary in advance or a percentage of your next paycheck.

Get a payday loan

If you can't get a salary advance from your employer, you could get a payday loan from a private lender instead. Payday loans Ontario allow you to borrow money and pay it back when you receive your next paycheck. 

You can apply even if you have bad credit, which makes payday loans a convenient option when you need money urgently. Plus, you can apply online and receive your money quickly and directly into your bank account.

Sell items you don't need anymore

The last of our ideas for when you need money urgently is to sell items you don't need anymore. Someone else might be happy to buy your old cellphone, an old kitchen appliance, the clothes you haven't worn in a long while, or the toys your kids don't enjoy playing with anymore.

So host a garage sale or place ads online. If you never use your family's second car, you could even sell it. This should help you get money quickly to face your financial emergency.

Do some off jobs in your neighbourhood

If you have some free time, you can make money quickly by doing odd jobs in your neighbourhood.

See if a neighbour or friend would be willing to pay you for mowing their lawn, painting their fence, assembling furniture, babysitting their kids, or walking their dog. Or perhaps you could clean someone's house or file paperwork for them. Odd jobs are an easy way to make extra cash when needed.

Sign up for an app that helps you make extra money

If you only need a bit of money as quickly as possible, different apps offer you a small amount for signing up. You could receive up to $20 for signing up and redeeming an offer.

This type of app can also reward you with cash back on your purchases or money for watching videos or playing games on your phone.

Get paid to complete online surveys

In addition to signing up for a couple of apps, you could get money by completing paid surveys.

Different websites or applications reward you with money for completing surveys. Look for those that pay you quickly, sit down, and answer your questions.

Some survey sites pay you in gift cards. However, you can exchange these gift cards for money, as you will soon read about.

Exchange unused gift cards for money

Do you have some gift cards you never intend to use? What if you could exchange them for money? Well, it's possible to do it. Different websites will pay you up to 90% of a gift card's value, and you should receive your money quickly.

Cancel unnecessary subscriptions

Cancelling unnecessary subscriptions won't immediately put money in your pocket or bank account, but it will save you money in the long run. This can help you avoid another situation where you need cash urgently.

So, cancel any magazine you don't read, any streaming service you never watch, or any subscription box that doesn't add value to your life. Keep only the essentials.