86% of men perform household chores

  • 2019-03-15
  • TBT Staff

In Latvia, almost all residents do their own housework, and division of chores between the sexes is very similar. Approximately 98% of women and 86% of men perform cleaning chores, according to a Snapshot survey commissioned by Maxima Latvija*.

“The division of daily chores and family habits continue to change, as confirmed once again by the survey. We can also see this trend in our stores, where basics are now being bought by all members of the family, and often even by the whole family with their children. Therefore we are continuing to expand our chain of stores, improving the infrastructure and variety of goods on offer to ensure everyone can find what they need, including household cleaning products,” comments Maxima Latvija Director of Corporate Relations Jānis Beseris.

Although both genders are involved in household cleaning, women spend more time on cleaning than men. 89% of women and 65% of men spend more than two hours a week on these duties. Meanwhile, 8% of women and 20% of men spend just one hour a week or less on housework.

The most common tasks differ among men and women. Men are often involved in kitchen-based cleaning jobs, most often washing the dishes (94%), cleaning appliances (92%) and cleaning the kitchen (87%). Meanwhile, the three most popular jobs done by almost all, or 99%, of women are the laundry, cleaning the kitchen and cleaning appliances. The jobs that both men and women most frequently entrust to others and do not complete themselves are the same: ironing, as well as cleaning rugs and soft furnishings. At the same time, the survey shows that Latvians rarely use outside help for housework. Less than one percent pay others to clean their homes, and only 7% entrust housework to other family members.