3 Ways to Adopt Technology in Business

  • 2022-12-01

It would be unoriginal to say that technology has changed our lives. Or even to point out that it has infiltrated every part of them. 

But it is true that it is transforming the way that businesses are run, and the way that customers engage with them. 

So for your business to stay on ahead of the times, it’s worth considering how you can adopt technology into your day-to-day operations to maximise efficiency - these three tips provide a little inspiration into areas of your business that can be improved by incorporating tech. 

1. Training 

It is important to be continuously developing your team’s skills. Not only is it good for your business, but it’s also key to their job satisfaction. 

And technology can be instrumental in training your staff - it enables you to provide upskilling resources and gives access to a wealth of knowledge, as well as the prospect of digital tools which can help your staff carry out their jobs more efficiently. LMS365 is a great tool that integrates with Microsoft Teams to facilitate training and upskilling, but if you have certain goals in mind, it’s worth looking into industry specific tools and training programs. 

Just remember that nothing can replace personalised training, and you should regard your tech as a tool to foster communication and make information more accessible, rather than a replacement for a hands-on role in development. 

2. Recruitment  

Recruitment is one of the most challenging aspects of running your team. 

And with many advertised vacancies oversubscribed by candidates, even the initial process of reviewing CVs to find your interviewees can be a drag. 

Enter Oleeo - a wise recruitment software that filters out the candidates that aren’t a suitable fit, driving down the time invested into your hiring that makes the whole process more efficient. 

While your recruitment process should be personalised, you want to preserve that effort for. 

3. Marketing 

Increasingly businesses are abandoning traditional marketing methods in favour of the digital realm. 

The main reason for this is that customers are increasingly looking for new businesses online, and the results of digital marketing are measurable, meaning you can track the success of your campaigns. There are also countless tactics for you to try depending on your market and the competition you’re up against. These may include social media, which Hubspot’s State of Marketing 2022 report found was the most-used marketing channel for brands online. 

Digital marketing techniques include SEO, which boosts your rankings on Google to make your business easier to find. The more customers that can find you, the more that come through the door - a simple equation that raises the prominence of your business.

Looking to bring your business up to speed with the latest tech? We hope these ideas have given you some inspiration to make the most of digitisation.