10 Must-Have Online Services That Can Empower Students’ Educational Achievements

  • 2023-02-08

College is a time of great experience not just for meeting new friends and becoming independent. It is also time for new knowledge that will help in future life experiences.  

Today students like to use smartphones, laptops, and tablets to simplify the educational process. They like to download many applications and use services for studying. Despite the informational overload, it is hard to find proper service for specific needs or cheap assignment writing service. Therefore, we created a list of ten of the most valuable online services every student has to use daily for their educational success.  

1. Untis Mobile

UntisMobile gives students fast and efficient access to up-to-date timetable information. When users are online, the daily timetable changes and synchronizes with the internet. All the data which students retrieve is also stored on their smartphones, so they can check their timetables in offline mode. 

2. Beelinguapp

Learn a new language with Beelinguapp! This app lets you read and listen to stories in different languages. Read the text and listen to audio in the language you are learning and use the reference in your native language to read the same text. You can listen to the audio even in the sleeping mode of your phone.  

3. ThatQuiz

ThatQuiz makes the classroom and homework routine easier both for teachers, students, and even for parents. This app helps to track the progress of exams, assignment result, and grades. ThatQuiz is a flexible and powerful quiz generation tool. With this app, you can practice K-12 math.  

4. EssayShark

Some students are great in nuncupative answers but not experienced enough with college writing. Essay service EssayShark offers plagiarism-free papers in any discipline. Every website review shows how helpful its assistance is. Students tell stories about how they achieve improvements in writing essays thanks to this website. 

5. Deepstash – Self Improvement, Motivation & Care

Organize and build your knowledge with Deepstash. It works as your personal library of thoughts and knowledge for free and with no ads. Get a daily source of inspiring and life-changing ideas. Read stories, articles, learn skills, get productivity tips, and discover life hacks. Simple, practical, and easy to remember, the short summarized format is intuitive for students. It is an indispensable tool to spark curiosity and become smarter daily. 

6. Refind

Every student needs to have new inspirational sources for their college writings. Refind is a new application that will help you to save all links, pages, and useful services. Explore hundreds of inspiring categories and get smarter in just five minutes a day!

Pick your favorite websites, read, save, organize, and share your collections. Get ten relevant news from your chosen favorite topics. Refind automatically sorts links into the Soon/Someday section and sends smart reminders to help you read more of what’s relevant to you. 

7. Daily Stoic Exercises

This app is helpful for students of philosophy. Daily Stoic Exercises will improve your knowledge of stoic topics by reading and examining yourself every day. 

Swipe to see the previous and next exercises. App remembers the last page that you were on. Follow the instructions in-app and use it as a book in your pocket.  

8. Daff Quick Notes

The main feature of this app is supporting two types of notes: ordinary notes and check-lists. Create folders to move each note or check-list between them. Protect each folder with a password. All signs in password-protected folders are encrypted using the AES encryption algorithm. The app doesn’t store passwords anywhere, so without knowing a folder password, it’s impossible to get access to the folder’s notes. 

Choose the dark or light mode depending on which is most comfortable to you. Note on widgets, and pick your font size. The app is free from ads and extra payment.  

9. English Grammar Test

Every student should learn English grammar carefully to write better assignments. This app gives over 5000 English grammar test practice questions to every learner. Get clear explanations for each answer. These comments help you to refresh your knowledge about the topic you test on. 

10. StudyGe – Geography, Capitals, Flags, Countries

Train your memory and learn new things about countries you didn’t know! With StudyGe you can study the world map with ease. Improve your geography knowledge by finding a lot of information about countries’ flags, capitals, language, population, currency, and form of government. 

Participate in such trivia games like “What Where When” or “Who Wants to Become a Millionaire” and other quizzes, where you can answer questions on geography.

Choose one of the most suitable apps for your needs. Also, you can get benefits from all the services and easily cope with all tasks in college!