10 Best Mobile Apps for Studying in 2022

  • 2022-03-08
  • Joel Strachan

Are you trying to simplify your student lifestyle to have more time and mental resources to study efficiently and conveniently? You are not the only one. Millions of college students globally are continually trying to find apps and software programs that can simplify their study routine.

Student tools are out there but they range across a wide spectrum of categories with varying features. To help you find the most practical ones, here is a list of the ten best mobile apps for studying in 2022.


RefMe possesses the powers to magically make your bibliography and references appear on research papers, dissertations, thesis, and other assignments. To think that this is a value-added service that supports the main features of this app is mindblowing. The main feature of RefME is quickly finding educational literature to write college assignments without sifting through search engine results.


Notion can be used by students to organize their academic and even personal life for enhanced performance in school. It is one of the mobile apps that categorize everything in intuitive folders, which can help with essay writing.

Students can use Notion to organize essay topics in different folders. They can keep track of essays that they asked for help from study clerk and ones they’re handling themselves. In addition to helping keep track of when you buy essay online, Notion can help with categorizing study material. Some education institutions recommend this app to their students and this has relatively improved academic performance. With some of the cool organization and study apps combined with the best writer service for students, there is no limit to academic excellence at every step.

Office Lens

Office Lens has one of the most unique features on this list. This application allows students to take a photo of the whiteboard or projector screen and reposition the elements captured. Office Lens repositions images that might have been skewed or taken at a bad angle for students to see the contents of the whiteboard.


SimpleMind makes mind mapping significantly less messy than doing it by hand. As a student, you can use this app to draw mindmaps for essays, research papers, or other assignments that need mind mapping. There are premade sketches ready to be used instead of starting the mind mapping design process all over again.


UniDays might not be directly for studying but it sure does help with managing time by minimizing time spent looking for discounts, coupons and sales. The platform scans the best local and online deals for you, which leaves more time for studying or balancing between gaming and higher education if you’re a gamer.


Mathway steps in when you get that rude awakening that your course uses an obscene amount of math than anticipated. This app is much more than just a calculator because it details the means to reach all mathematical conclusions. In a way, Mathway trains you to solve math problems yourself in the future.


Offtime is a time management app that helps students focus on studying and writing any assignments by blocking all non-essential websites. It has a premade list of websites, apps, and notifications to block from appearing on your screen. When this app is activated, it blocks off any incoming and outgoing internet traffic from the chosen websites and apps.


Soundnote is a versatile app that can be used in and out of class when studying. Students can use Soundnote to record their lecturers when they are presenting new concepts they’d like to research more or revisit. At the same time, students can use this app to record themselves when studying and relistening to memorize their modules. You even get a transcript of the recorded audio to read through.


Evernote is more than just a note-taking platform since it can transform notes into actionable to-do list points. Students can generate notes from various media files such as images, online content, drawings as well as sound recordings. These types of media files can also be attached to notes as references.

Google Assistant

Google Assistant can serve as your own personal assistant to whatever you need it to do. It is voice-command activated but it can also do visual searches using your camera. This app can be used for a wide variety of commands that improve studying.


Whether you are studying for your finals or midterms, using these apps can help boost your academic performance. Some might not be that practical in your case. Therefore, get the ones you need the most. Maintain a balanced view and ensure that these apps do not end up being a distraction from studying.

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