Karins not sure whether Covid-19 statistics are entirely accurate

RIGA - The Health Ministry is currently looking into Covid-19 statistics to find out whether the official number of Covid-19 deaths in Latvia is...

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Belarus leader tells migrants they have 'right' to go to EU

MOSCOW - Belarus's strongman leader Alexander Lukashenko told migrants on the border with Poland Friday that he would not try to stop them f...

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Nine defense ministers in joint statement condemns Russia for concentrating troops by Ukraine's border

RIGA - Defense ministers of nine countries in a joint meeting today condemned Russia's military activities in the NATO eastern flank, especi...

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Latvian government bans travel to several countries in southern Africa

RIGA - In relation to the new Covid-19 variant outbreak, by January 11, the Latvian government has decided to ban trips to the South African Rep...

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Gelatex raises 1.2 million euros in seed round. Affordable and scalable manufactured cell-cultured meat could soon turn into reality

Estonian start-up Gelatex has a bold vision of starting a new chapter in the futuristic story “Cell-cultured meat cheaper than ever: how d...

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Estonian, Indian foreign ministries hold political consultations

TALLINN – The 11th political consultations between the Estonian and Indian ministries of foreign affairs took place in Tallinn on Thursday...

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Estonian parlt supports more flexible employment contracts in retail trade

TALLINN - The Estonian parliament at a sitting with remote participation on Thursday passed a bill enabling more flexible employment contracts i...

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Baltic and Polish presidents express concern regarding historical revisionism in Russia and possible closure of Memorial

RIGA - Presidents of Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Poland said in a statement that they were concerned regarding historical revisionism in Russ...

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We are committed to completing the main Rail Baltica rail line from Riga to Lithuania by 2026 - Linkaits

RIGA - Latvia is committed to completing the main line of the railway project Rail Baltica from Riga to Lithuania by 2026, Minister of Transport...

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