Efficiency of European projects

Dear TBT,Europe invests a lot of money in international lifelong learning programs, s

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Look at EC tax proposals

Dear TBT,It was with interest that I read last issue’s article (June 5, TBT

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Small is beautiful

Dear TBT,This time the year 2014 started out vividly in Brussels, with Commissione

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Dreaming of Latvia

Dear TBT,Since the Baltics States joined the EU, my curiosity regarding the region

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Doing the right thing

Dear TBT,It sounds simple, clear, obvious. But how do rather small nations, with s

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Latvia’s State of the Nation address

The year 2013 was fairly good for Latvia. GDPgrew remarkably. Industrial and agricultural prod

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Cold War or not, repeated nonsense is still nonsense

In the open letter to the U.S. ambassador (TBT 826), the author, Aivars Slucis, exhibits most of his

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Be more European

Dear TBT,This year the European prize for literature took place again in Brussels, Ce

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