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Be more European

  • 2014-02-06

Dear TBT,
This year the European prize for literature took place again in Brussels, Center Noble. The award ceremony of the 2013 European Union Prize for Literature was a unique event. Twelve authors united to receive their prizes, prize money for the publications in their mother tongue, with the book translated into English.

The Baltic States were present, with Meelis Friedenthal, from Estonia, and his romance The Bees, Mesilades.
The authors included also the writers from Macedonia and Bosnia-Hercegovina; the Finnish author Katri Lipson made a speech on ice-cream men. The commitment to the mother tongue was accompanied by the English version on screen.
Commissioner Vassiliou pointed out the continuity and quality of the prizes, the buffet was decent and healthy. How to be more European is the task for the authors.

Dr. Sabine Stadler
Social scientist
Vienna, Austria


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