Estonians claim Latvia is risky business

TALLINN - Estonian businessmen who expanded their operations to Latvia during the economic boom year

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Skies getting crowded again over Vilnius

VILNIUS - While the three new airlines that started operations in Vilnius this year have proceeded c

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Taking Counsel: The company is losing money 's should the director or management be held responsible?

The new Civil Code of the Republic of Lithuania, which came into force on July 1, 2001, introduced a

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Loss of key staff won't change paper's direction, says editor

RIGA - Rupert Murdoch has called for China to allow a more open media sector, that Beijing needs to

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Proposal would trigger foreign banks to retreat from Latvia

RIGA - The Latvian government is preparing legislation that would limit homeowners' liabilities to t

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Pharmaceuticals receive direct injection

RIGA - In a boost of confidence to Latvia's leading pharmaceuticals company, global mutual fund inve

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TeliaSonera halfway towards target

VILNIUS - TeliaSonera Sweden's largest telephone company, said it won't raise its bid for shares in

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Taking Counsel:Culpable self-help, or 'Patvara'

Those readers not from Latvia may be unfamiliar with the term "patvara" in the law. It means culpabl

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