Taking Counsel: Bankruptcy of natural persons still a concept

According to the current legal regulations, only legal persons that are recognized as insolvent by t

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The Baltic Queen has arrived

TALLINN - The leading passenger shipping company on the Baltic Sea, AS Tallink Grupp, has received i

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E-services see boom in busting economy

RIGA - At a time when many companies are seeing a loss, the e-services sector is seeing a profit 's

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Canadians could supply reactor

VILNIUS - The Lithuanian government is considering ordering the reactor for the new Visaginas nuclea

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Germans pessimistic, demand strong leadership

VILNIUS - A recent survey of German companies in the Baltics has shown that 90 percent of them expec

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Company briefs - 2009-04-30

The Riga International Airport has completed a new tariff scheme by which rates are now the lowest i

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Taking counsel: So you are not paying your mortgage to the bank. What may you expect?

Under the current economic climate, it is not unusual for debtors to face difficulties meeting their

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Bigbank slashes staff, locations

TALLINN - Bigbank AS, an Estonian-owned bank that operates throughout all three Baltic states, has a

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Consortium allays fears on bypass pipeline

RIGA - Complex environmental consultations are being held across the Baltics as part of a planned ga

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