Parliament elects Kirkilas as new PM

VILNIUS - Defense Minister Gediminas Kirkilas was elected prime minister on July 4 as parliamentaria

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Foreign Ministry urges Belarus to explain air space violation

VILNIUS - The Lithuanian Foreign Ministry has urged Belarus to explain the recent air space violatio

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Riga mayor attacks erotic leaflets

Riga Mayor Aivars Aksenoks said new regulations on erotic ads may help to improve the situat

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Gay pride marchers to take Tallinn on Aug. 12

A gay festival, Tallinn Pride, will take place from Aug. 7 to 13 in Tallinn. A parade will be schedu

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Kirkilas approved as new Lithuanian PM

The Lithuanian Parliament approved Gediminas Kirkilas of the Social Democratic party for the post of

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Baltic presidents travel to Scotland to visit the Queen

Two Baltic heads of state will journey to Scotland to meet with Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kin

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Tallinn's former mayor Lepikson dies

TALLINN - Estonian MP and former mayor of Tallinn Robert Lepikson died on July 1 from a suspected st

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Tourists hunting "false amber" suffer phosphorus burns

RIGA - German tourists were rushed to hospital suffering burns after handling pieces of "false amber

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Latvian MP accused of playing political football with World Cup sponsorship

RIGA - A Latvian political leader has been accused of abusing election campaign laws by signing up a

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