Hotels in Riga sprouting like spring daisies

RIGA - Only the blind wouldn't know that the hospitality industry in the Latvian capital is undergoi

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Wipe down the marquee and roll out the red carpet

2005 was an epic year for Baltic hotel development. With an influx of discount airlines in all three

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Hansabank upset with Russian Tax Board

TALLINN - The Russian arm of the Hansabank Group is steeped in a row with the Russian Tax Board over

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Latvians go wild with Visa cards

RIGA - Latvians used their Visa cards to make a total 355.2 million lats (505.4 million euros) worth

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The positive side of inflation

RIGA - It follows axiomatic business logic: Foreign companies in Latvia suffer from high inflation,

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Latvia and Ireland put heads together on migration issue

RIGA - Political scientists, sociologists and other experts are expected to gather for a conference

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Estonia faces medical 'brain drain'

TALLINN - When surgeon Inna Lupina was finishing her residency three years ago, she was faced with a

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