Latvija in brief - 2004-05-06

An unsanctioned anti-education reform rally in Liepaja on May 1 led to altercations between the poli

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MPs place ban on candidate Paksas

VILNIUS - Parliament on May 4 passed amendments to the election law banning ex-President Rolandas f

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Whither the ubiquitous beer garden?

RIGA - Amid a storm of pleas from local brewers and small-shop owners, President Vaira Vike-Freiberg

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Laurinkus leaves post, mark on Lithuanian history

VILNIUS - Lithuania closed one of the most turbulent chapters of its short history with the departur

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Anti-reform protest reaches new heights

RIGA - While an estimated 60,000 people celebrated accession into the European Union on May 1 in the

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Europe gives warm welcome to the Baltics

RIGA - Sixty-five years after they were torn away from Europe, the Baltics finally rejoined it in a

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