Rail Baltica announced a market consultation date for alliance model procurements in Estonia

  • 2024-05-07

To execute the Rail Baltica project, the Estonian developer of the project Rail Baltic Estonia plans to procure the design and construction of Tootsi-Pärnu (DS3 DPS1 – 36.6km), Pärnu-Latvia border (DS3 DPS2-DPS3) mainline sections, and the Ülemiste-Pärnu main line superstructure construction.

According to the initial schedule, the procurement procedure is planned to be held in the fall of 2024 and the contract to be signed in the spring of 2025.

Rail Baltic Estonia wishes to use a value-based procurement and business model for the realization of the project, and the alliance or Integrated Project Delivery model has been considered. To carry out the procurement, it is planned to use a negotiated procurement procedure and to use value-based evaluation. “The Rail Baltica railway must be completed by 2030, and the tight schedule also means that we are constantly seeking opportunities to enhance our activities. Transitioning to a collaborative or alliance procurement model allows us to potentially announce extensive procurement packages, worth hundreds of millions of euros, by the end of this year, predominantly for the construction of railway superstructures and partially for the construction of railway substructures,” explained Anvar Salomets, CEO of Rail Baltic Estonia.

To prepare for the upcoming procurement procedure, Rail Baltic Estonia announced the date for the market consultation.

The objective of the market consultation is to initiate a dialogue between the contracting authority and the service providers about the content and scope of the procurement, the contractual execution model, the procurement process, and to consult with the service providers when planning the procurement/procurements. In addition, introduce the planned projects, procurement strategy, contractual distribution, implementation contract model and procurement principles.

During the market consultation, a joint information event will be held for all interested companies, and bilateral market consultation discussions will be held with potential candidates for the main contractor of the project.

Contracting authority will conduct the information event on 15th of May at - 10:00-12:30, at address Veskiposti 2-1, Tallinn, Estonia (11th floor) and via Internet in MS Teams environment.

To participate in the information event, the entrepreneur must register in advance through the state procurement register’s (riigihangete register) “Information exchange" no later than two working days before the information event.

To registered participants will be sent a link to participate via the Teams application no later than the working day before the information meeting.

About Rail Baltica 

Rail Baltica is one of Europe's largest high-speed infrastructure projects, aiming to establish a modern and sustainable rail link that connects the Baltic States of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania with the European rail network. It is also a part of the trans-European transport corridor.

Rail Baltica will be a fully electrified, double-track railway with a standard gauge of 1435 mm and will be equipped with ERTMS (European Rail Traffic Management System) and designed to meet European standards. With a design speed of 249 km/h, Rail Baltica will significantly reduce travel times between the Baltic States and major European cities. It will serve as a modern infrastructure for passenger, freight, and military mobility, promoting accessibility and facilitating business, tourism, and cultural exchange. Additionally, the project will enhance the Baltic region's position as a vital transit hub, fostering stronger trade connections and promoting regional cooperation.

About RB Rail AS 

RB Rail AS is a multinational joint venture of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania established to lead and coordinate the implementation of the Rail Baltica Global Project, the first infrastructure development project of this scale in the Baltic region. More about Rail Baltica global project: www.railbaltica.org