European Union Acquires Short-Range Air Defense Systems for Moldova with Estonian Leadership

  • 2024-06-17
  • Estonian Centre for Defence Investments

The European Commission approved the allocation of 9 million euros for the development of Moldova's air defense. With this sum, the Estonian Centre for Defence Investments (ECDI), as the implementer of the European Peace Facility (EPF), will procure short-range air defense missile systems for the Moldovan armed forces.

"The goal of the European Peace Facility is to help Moldova integrate into Europe and modernize its armed forces. As the implementer, the Estonian Centre for Defence Investments brings broad experience in arms procurement, delivering the necessary materials swiftly and considering not only the initial purchase but also the future lifecycle and sustainable use of the equipment," said Katri Raudsepp, Deputy Director General of ECDI. "Our objective is to ensure that every euro invested maximizes defense capabilities for both the Moldovan armed forces and the European taxpayer."

Since 2021, the European Union has allocated 137 million euros to the Moldovan armed forces through the EPF. The first aid package was 7 million euros, implemented by Lithuania. The second aid package, amounting to 40 million euros, is being implemented by ECDI and the e-Governance Academy in the cyber domain. Last year, a third aid package totaling 40 million euros was announced, also implemented by ECDI and the e-Governance Academy. The fourth aid package for the Moldovan armed forces, totaling 41 million euros, was adopted in April this year; ECDI being the implementer.

The EPF (European Peace Facility) was established in March 2021 to fund all European Union Common Foreign and Security Policy activities in the military and defense sectors aimed at preventing conflicts, maintaining peace, and strengthening international security and stability. Primarily, the EPF enables the development of military and defense capabilities of third countries and regional and international organizations.