Parlt speaker: Estonia supporting Kosovo's efforts to join EU

  • 2024-02-05
  • BNS/TBT Staff

TALLINN - At a meeting with President of the Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo Glauk Konjufca on Monday, his Estonian counterpart Lauri Hussar said that Estonia supports Kosovo's aspirations to join the European Union and is ready to share its experiences.

Hussar commended the increasingly close relations between Estonia and Kosovo, affirming Estonia's keen interest in developments in the region.

 "Your focus on implementing reforms and building up the country has been noted," he said.

Hussar affirmed Estonia's support to Kosovo in its endeavors to join the European Union and other international organizations, offering to share its experiences. 

"We are fully committed to supporting your journey," Hussar stated at the meeting. He also welcomed the long-awaited visa liberalization for Kosovo with the European Union coming into effect on Jan. 1st.

Konjufca thanked the Estonian state and its people for their strong support to Kosovo, highlighting that Estonia was among the first countries to recognize Kosovo's independence in 2008. Hussar noted the importance of continued international recognition for Kosovo's sovereignty.

The two parliamentary speakers also discussed Kosovo's relations with Serbia and the broader situation in the Western Balkans during the meeting. Hussar emphasized the importance of efforts to normalize relations.

They also discussed Russia's war of aggression in Ukraine. Hussar stressed the critical need for continued Western support for Ukraine. 

"The recent agreement at the European Council to allocate 50 billion euros is a significant step, but Ukraine needs even more military assistance from its allies to win the war of aggression initiated by Russia. We must act collectively in this endeavor because Russia is at war not only with Ukraine but with the entire Western world," he said.

During his stay in Tallinn, the speaker of the Assembly of Kosovo will also meet with chairman of the national defense committee of the Estonian parliament Kalev Stoicescu and members of the committee, as well as the Estonia-Kosovo parliamentary friendship group. He will also have meetings with President of the Republic Alar Karis and Prime Minister Kaja Kallas, visit the e-Estonia Briefing Center, and meet with the representatives of the NATO Cooperative Cyber Defense Center of Excellence.