Gas power favored

  • 2013-10-02
  • From wire report

TALLINN - In the Estonian car market, the number of people in recent years who have decided to add a gas-conversion device to their petrol or diesel fuel-powered car, to allow the car to run on natural gas, has increased. Yet the number of such cars is still very small in Estonia as compared to other countries, reports Public Broadcasting.
While at the end of 2011 there were 2,300 gas-powered cars in Estonia, as of now the number in 3,600. In the first nine months of this year, around 400 such cars have been added.

Although most likely not all added gas devices have been registered in the Estonian Car Registry, the number of gas-powered cars among all cars in the registry is very small, less than 1 percent.
Most people who have made the switch say the only reason they do so is the lower price of gas compared to that of petrol or diesel fuel.

“The whole of Europe drives on gas and for some reason, Estonia and some Nordic states are the only places where gas hasn’t established itself. There is Lithuania’s example, where 35 percent of cars with petrol engines drive on gas, as well as Poland, where the percentage is even 50 percent. then in Italy, Germany, France, gas is used everywhere,” claimed Alexela corporate customer sales manager Marek Miller.