Eesti in brief - 2013-02-21

  • 2013-02-20

The Estonian Minister of Defense Urmas Reinsalu stated at the unofficial meeting of EU ministers that Estonia places a lot of importance on cyber-defense in developing the union’s military capacity, reports LETA. The EU ministers of defense discussed the union’s defense guidelines that will be approved by the European Union Council at the end of the year. “Estonia places a lot of importance on developing the military capabilities of the European Union, including in the area of cyber-defense. Besides purely military threats, our countries have to be prepared for cyber-attacks which have just as clear and dangerous an impact,” said Reinsalu. The minister estimated that a good result depends on the cooperation between the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy and the European Defense Agency. The Estonian minister said he was glad that the union had adopted a cyber-defense strategy, as it will make it possible to improve cyber-security through common minimum requirements and standards.

According to Statistics Estonia, Estonian inhabitants consumed 28 kg of sugar and 700 grams of honey per capita last year, reports Delfi. Compared to a year earlier, consumption of sugar per capita fell by 12 kg (from 39.74 kg) and compared to the year before that, by 16 kg (from 44.29 kg). Statistics Estonia’s calculation period for sugar lasts from the start of October to the end of September the next year. While in the period from Oct. 1, 2011 to Sept. 30, 2012 Estonian inhabitants consumed 37,490 tons of sugar, during the preceding period, 53,257 tons and a year earlier, 59,350 tons was consumed. The production of honey has slowly increased, from 575 tons during the calculation year that ended in Sept. 2010, to 681 in 2011 and 694 tons in 2012. Human consumption of honey increased from 811 tons in 2010, to 913 in 2011, and to 926 tons in 2012. Per capita consumption grew from 610 to 680 to 690 grams, respectively.

Ten percent of female readers of Estonia’s portal would like to put on weight, reports LETA. The majority of the participants of the poll held - 31 percent - combine sports and healthy eating habits to keep themselves fit, and 11 percent do some exercises and tend to consume less sweet, fatty and farinaceous products. Another 11 percent are not prone to weight gain at all. Ten percent said they tried to become slimmer, and tried many ways to achieve that; however, their attempts were not successful. According to the poll, eight percent of women do jogging or dancing, and eat almost everything they wish. Another eight percent of respondents do not go for sports, but control their personal eating habits.