Hockey fans' overall results

  • 2006-05-22
  • By TBT staff
Overall, about 50 people were detained and removed from the two ice arenas in Riga, during 2006 World Ice Hockey Championship, Baltic News Service reported.

Edgars Zalitis, Falck Apsargs Security Company's chairman of the board, on the morning news program of LNT commercial television said that approximately half of the detainees were local ice-hockey fans and the other half were foreigners. He also confirmed that most of the problems had been due to alcohol abuse by fans but there had not been any serious incidents during the championship.

"It is important to watch the game, not to feel like one was in prison," said Zalitis. As was reported earlier, the Latvian team finished in the 10th place, but the championship was won by Sweden, which defeated the Czech Republic with 4:0 during the final game for gold medal on Sunday [May 21].