Public intoxication keeps being a problem for Latvian Police

  • 2006-05-10
  • By TBT staff
After IHWC games on Tuesday [May 9] the Latvian Police drew up about 47 administrative protocols and as many as 59 people were fined, the Latvian State Police reported.

According to State Police spokeswoman Ieva Zvidre, almost all administrative protocols were drawn up for consumption of alcohol in public places.
Among the offenders, there were five foreign hockey fans, and again one Finnish citizen had to be taken to sobering house.

The police also received information from five foreign fans about stolen purses. A Finnish citizen found that his purse was stolen in the hotel, while several other foreigners found out in public transport stops that their purses were missing.

"Even though the policemen had a lot of work, there were no disorders and street fights registered," Zvidre said.

However, the day earlier drunk Finnish hockey fan assaulted a Latvian security guard and broke his nose at Riga's nightclub. Ieva Zvidre said the Finnish citizen had attempted to approach a stripper, and when a security guard interfered the man violently resisted. The Finn was detained for minor hooliganism and taken to a sobering house, while the injured security guard was hospitalized. A test showed the Finn's blood-alcohol level at about 0.2.

"After he sobers up, the police will decide on a punishment," Zvidre added. Overall, police registered a total of 19 various violations on May 8, mostly public intoxication.