Latvian authorities expressed its readiness for the World Championship

  • 2006-04-26
Latvian National Police, Security Police, National Fire and Rescue Service, National Border Guard and medics are ready to make sure that everything will go well during the 2006 World Ice-Hockey Championship in Riga. "The National Police is ready to ensure security and public order during the world championship," National Police spokeswoman Ieva Zvidre told Baltic News Service.

The police officers will be responsible for security outside the championship venues while the security inside the facilities will be the responsibility of private security guards.

According to Zvidre, the National Police would also be checking spectators and their belongings as well as all the vehicles. Visitors will not be allowed to bring in any alcoholic drinks in any type of containers, fireworks, video cameras, umbrellas.
National Police chief Janis Zascirinskis said that police officers from areas close to Riga will be brought to the capital city to help with the security arrangements during the championship.

In his turn, Interior Minister Dzintars Jaundzeikars told Baltic News Service that the police would face additional difficulties because several public events marking the anniversary of the end of World War II have been planned in Riga on May 8-9 while the world championship would be underway.

The minister outlined that the problems with transport would be likely, but he had been in other cities during world championships and seen that no city can avoid such problems.

The head of the National Fire and Rescue Service branch in Riga Juris Lakatins, told Baltic News Service that the firefighters were prepared for the world championship. "We are ready but the workload will be very great because we are short of firefighters. And there will also be our daily responsibilities such as old grass and forest fires," he said.
Fire fighters will be on stand-by at the championship venues all around the clock.

Representative of the Security Policy Kristine Apse-Krumina said that the Security Police will be monitoring all the processes related to the championship within the limits of its competence. "So far there is no information about possible provocations during the championship," Apse 's Krumina said.

The Emergency Medical Center has an agreement with the championship organizers about providing emergency medical aid to players, said center's representative Rebate Pupele. Medical assistance to spectators will be the responsibility of the Riga Ambulance Service and the Red Cross staff.