About 70 games to be broadcasted during IHWC

  • 2006-04-26
About 70 matches will be broadcasted in Latvia by the Latvian TV3 and 3+ channels, as well as by three "Viasat" sports channels during Ice Hockey World Championships. TV3 will broadcast all Latvian national ice hockey team's games live, plus the championship's quarterfinals, semifinals and the final game.

Other key hockey matches and matches played by the Russian national team will be aired on the Russian-language 3+ channel, and on "Viasat" sports channels. When no matches will be played, viewers will be offered reruns of the best matches played earlier.

Every evening, the TV3 News Service will broadcast exclusive ice hockey news, featuring latest reports on matches, as well as interviews and commentaries by top hockey experts.

This will be the eighth time when TV3 broadcasts the championship. Every year, more than 1.5 million TV viewers in Latvia watch the championship.

MTG, the parent company of TV3, has prolonged agreement with the International Ice Hockey Federation on the right to broadcasts ice hockey world championships until 2011, which means that until 2011, all the hockey fans in Latvia will be able to watch the championships on TV3.