Riga City Council: All the hockey fans should arrive early

  • 2006-04-26
Imants Rakins, the head of the "Hokejs 2006" office in Riga, is advising all hockey fans, who are going to attend the games, to arrive for about an hour-and-a-half before the games, as long lines could form at the arenas entrances due to security checks.

All bus and trolley bus stops on K.Valdemara Street in the vicinity of the arenas will have a sign indicating an arena stop. Audio information about the closest stops will also be provided in the transportation vehicles.

A booklet on public transportation to the arenas will be available in hotels, information centers and the airport.

An additional trolley bus route 's "3a", will travel on K.Valdemara Street every four minutes.

However, the public transportation will not take passengers to the door - from K.Valdemara Street to Skonto Arena is a five-minute walk, but to "Arena Riga"- 10 minutes.

Rakins also urged fans to refrain from attempting to park their cars on streets near the arenas, in consideration of local residents, schools and establishments.

According to The Riga City Traffic Department, a security zone will set up on nearby streets at "Arena Riga".
"People can count on the fact that traffic on K.Valdemara, Pulkveza Brieza and Miera Streets will be heavy during the championship," emphasized Andrejs Pozarnovs, Chairman of the Riga City Traffic and Transportation Affairs Committee.

People, who will choose to travel by car, will have to leave their vehicles outside the security zone and on Zirnu Street, where two parking lots will be available.