Ziedot.lv has received around EUR 20 million in donations this year

  • 2022-12-30
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - The charity organization Ziedot.lv has received around EUR 20 million in donations from residents and businesses this year, Ruta Dimanta, head of Ziedot.lv told Latvian Television this morning, admitting that the total amount of donations can still increase.

From the point of view of donations, the past year was an "incredibly generous year", Dimanta assessed, noting that donations have grown significantly not only in the context of Ukraine, but also, for example, about a million euros were donated to oncology patients.

According to Dimanta, residents of Latvia have once again shown their ability to empathize and help not only their own people, but also people outside the country.

According to her, fundraising for various support projects has shown that both Latvian and Russian speakers donate to Ukraine, even though the organization has had to face some aggressive opinions for the support it helps raise for Ukraine.

In general, in this troubled time, Latvia is still moving "toward a more integrated nation", the head of the organization assessed.