Young people expecting support for teachers, climate law from Estonian parlt

  • 2022-08-09
  • BNS/TBT Staff

TALLINN – Members of the Estonian National Youth Council adopted a platform of expectations for the 2023 Riigikogu elections, in which they set out proposals that support both a salary increase for teachers and youth workers as well as the creation of a climate law.

Young people also want to study in a more practical school environment, which would better prepare them for an independent life. Furthermore, young people find that in order to fight the climate crisis, taxes should be imposed on luxury goods that pollute nature, and why not also create a research-based climate law. They also observe that the people in power could promote more dialogue between themselves and the people, so that politics is formed more according to the will of the people, not that of the people in power.

Triin Roos, chair of the board of the National Youth Council, said that the platform was created with the aim of mapping the main problems affecting young people and finding solutions to them, and the platform is also intended to bring young people closer to the election process.

The content of the platform concerns four different topics: democracy, environment and sustainable economy, education and employment, and youth welfare.

"It is important that political parties are aware of the expectations and immediate needs of young people and that young people feel that their wishes and concerns are also taken into account at the national level. This is necessary to develop a country where it is good for young people to grow and develop, because they are our future," Roos added.

The Estonian National Youth Council is an umbrella organization that unites 130 youth associations and participation groups operating in Estonia. The National Youth Council's Riigikogu election platform is part of the "European Youth Dialogue 2022-2024" project, which is financed by the European Commission and the Ministry of Education and Research.