Wining & Dining Guide

  • 2020-05-28

Vila Komoda, Palanga

Vila Komoda is the result of great love – love for food, love for work, and love between the two people. This boutique hotel, restaurant and roof terrace is set in a historic building on “Love Alley” in Palanga, and is the joint life project of Chef Martynas Meidus and his wife Karolina Vičiūtė-Meidė. 

Being one of the country’s top five restaurants, the place is a complete oasis of tranquility, warmth and quality. It features a Mediterranean atmosphere (particularly on the roof terrace), a friendly team, and zero stress.

The restaurant offers an à la carte and degustation menu. Both are refined and brief. The 6-course degustation dinner begins with a simple question of what people cannot tole-
rate – and then each dish of the menu is explained during the course of the dinner. One feature that all the dishes at Vila Komoda share is their magical aromas. For a more intense gastronomic adventure, guests may be offered a separate olfactory experience of certain ingredients or blends created by the chef, since Martynas is crazy about aromas – in fact, his ultimate dream is to create a perfume.

For those eager to be part of the gastronomic discovery journey or to experience the out of the ordinary – Vila Komoda is most definitely worth visiting. The address is 5 Meilės al., Palanga. For the unique Vila Komoda flavor please kindly contact the restaurant staff at or +370 (460) 20490.