Pranas Domšaitis Gallery of the LNMA spans five decades of Algirdas Bosas’s creative output

  • 2024-04-18

At 6 p.m. 19th April, Pranas Domšaitis Gallery of the LNMA in Klaipėda, invites to the opening of Halfway, an exhibition by Algirdas Bosas. In his solo show the sculptor revisits time as an element fusing current processes and actions that happened in the past. 

“For five decades, Algirdas Bosas, a sculptor and art educator, has been gifting to Klaipėda unique artwork that integrates into environment becoming a natural part of the urban cityscape. Scale, shape, a thoroughly contemplated relationship with the location – are all important elements for such a seamless integration. The exhibition introduces the viewer into his sketches and sculpture pieces created at the outset of his career – and showcases his work previously unseen, including some most recent pieces,” Skaistė Marčienė, director of Pranas Domšaitis Gallery, explains. 

Exhibition as a retrospection of one’s art   

With the exhibition Halfway the artist looks back on his creative and personal path, considering his choices, indecisions and feelings. The exhibition is composed of sculpture pieces and sketches from 1975–2024, alongside with the photographic records of his monumental sculpture works situated in public spaces. 

The chronological overview of five decades of works brings to the fore the consistency of the manner of creative expression. Often, the sculptor uses fragments of human body to associatively link them to material items, thus fusing for the viewer’s perception, the dimensions of past and present. This link is illustrated by the titles, Maturity, Halfway, Relationship, Transformation being examples. Midway states of mind immortalized in his monumental work are both personal, familiar and timeless. According to the art researcher Elona Lubytė, his art “is characterized by a Postromantic approach to nature, universal human nature and historical memory.” 

Scale, shape, and the relationship to the setting are perhaps key elements of Bosas’s work. He articulates his relationship to modernism and postmodernism finding unique ways to connect things past and present. His abstract shapes combine with associative details arriving at powerful solutions of the artist’s idea. 

Bosas’s artwork: from Lithuania to South Korea

Lithuanians are quite familiar with the work by Algirdas Bosas. His sculpture pieces Family, Morning, Tower, The Bird of Longing, and a sculpture dedicated to Martynas Mažvydas can be seen in Klaipėda, his work commemorating priest Jurgis Ambraziejus Pabrėža is situated in Kretinga, Pasvalys has a work dedicated to Petras Avižonis, a doctor and public figure, while duke Jonušas Radvila is commemorated in Kėdainiai. Bosas’s unique piece The Key to Heaven can be seen in South Korea.  

His works, besides prominent individuals, commemorate also events of consequence, for example, a sculpture piece marking the Battle of Durbė stands in Telšiai. He has created memorial plaques commemorating writers and political figures, as well as medals, commemorative coins, ice sculpture pieces. 

The exhibition Halfway is on from 19th April till 1st September at Pranas Domšaitis Gallery of the LNMA (Liepų St 33, Klaipėda).    


Curator Skaistė Marčienė

Coordinator Aurelija Malinauskaitė

Exhibition architect Vladas Balsys

Designer Loreta Uzdraitė