Wining & Dining Guide

  • 2019-10-03

Nüman, Kaunas

Nüman is located on Nemunas Street. The Nemunas River flows nearby. Thus the origin of the restaurant’s name is quite clear. However, when you pronounce the name, you can hear “new man”. This is as if a hidden symbol of a new man who knocked on the door of the owners, Gitana and Tadas Survilos.

Here, dinners not only impress you with their tastes, but also play with your feelings and emotions. Here, every detail is important because, according to Nüman, only the entirety can grant the strongest experience. The restaurant’s purpose – from the very first minute, to awake senses and emotions which would accompany visitors for a while after the dinner.   

Into the tasting menu, chef includes only those dishes which, he believes, are worth sharing with visitors. There is no a la carte here, however, a few dishes are prepared all the time. For instance, a Nüman beetroot eaten with tweezers, which has a very intense and long-standing taste. This is a real bomb of aromas which illustrates very well the restaurant’s philosophy. To create a daily-changing menu, local and seasonal products are used; however, this is not a rule – because the world has so much to offer!

The restaurant’s focus is on recognizing and disclosing unique features of a product and its nature. In the kitchen, the chef likes to explore each product and its possibilities. As he says himself, he probably often explores deeper than necessary not only in the kitchen, but also in other areas of life. Still, the chef’s precision creates this unique experience which the visitors enjoy during dinners.   

To accompany the food, the restaurant offers biodynamic, natural wines. The taste of natural wine reminds of apple juice, cider and sometimes even vinegar. Producers of such wine do not use any fertilizers on grapes and they little interfere with wine fermentation processes. The restaurant also has a list of traditional wines. 

The address is Nemuno g. 43, Kaunas 44288. To book a table, please call the restaurant staff (+ 370) 611 54 439 or email at