Wining & Dining Guide

  • 2019-06-27

Džiaugsmas, Vilnius

Džiaugsmas (Lithuanian: “joy”) was opened in 2017, three years after the idea was born in the head of one of the best chefs in Lithuania, Martynas Praškevičius. Džiaugsmas is a bistro and natural wine bar where joy for your tongue is always on the menu. Based on Mother Nature’s gift of the four seasons, Džiaugsmas serves simple yet miraculous sensations prepared with fresh, organic and locally grown products accompanied by the finest natural wines. 

This is a no-frills restaurant which focuses on Lithuanian products and sharing tastes around the table. For that purpose, a part of the dishes on a plate are specially cut and served in order to facilitate sharing, and sometimes chef Martynas even encourages eating with the hands. Here, simplicity is a very important part of the idea, therefore, it was not the purpose of the chef to have a “fine dining” place. The chef is much happier when visitors appreciate the quality of dishes and, especially, well-selected ingredients. 

The menu of Džiaugsmas is very narrow and changes often depending on the situation behind the window. The menu has three parts: starters eaten with the hands, dishes (main course and second course) and desserts. All of that is perfectly supplemented with natural wine. The taste of natural wine reminds of apple juice, cider and sometimes even vinegar. Producers of such wine do not use any fertilizers on grapes and they little interfere with wine fermentation processes.

Rated as the best restaurant in Lithuania, but coming here might just feel more like going to third base.

The address is 28 Vilniaus g., Vilnius LT-01402. You can also contact the restaurant staff via email or by phone (+370) 63 11 11 53.