Wining & Dining Guide

  • 2019-02-28
  • TBT Staff

Italissimo, Riga

Riga’s restaurateurs seldom open new culinary establishments on such a grand scale, but Italissimo has managed to open an enormous restaurant on two floors that is a clever combination of new and old. 

Skylights, unique wallpaper that makes one feel like they’re in an old manor house and designer lamps all create a unique atmosphere that is both cosy and stylish. All of the finest elements of Italian cuisine are represented here, but are prepared in a refined, upmarket fashion. 

Begin your journey across the Apennine Peninsula with oysters or mussels and then move on to more seafood, homemade pastas, risotto, pizzas baked in a wood-fired oven and authentic meat courses. The ravioli stuffed with Scottish salmon and Mascarpone cheese served in a creamy prawn sauce are simply fantastic. 

Downstairs you’ll also find a separate kids’ room with toys and games. 

The address is 27/29 Baznicas Street, Riga. To book a table, please call the restaurant staff (+371) 2656 4867.