Wining & Dining Guide

  • 2018-09-26

Ieti, Kaunas

Ieti is a modern Baltic cuisine restaurant located in Kaunas, Lithuania. Head chef Inga Turminiene has taken internships in various Michelin starred restaurants and closely follows worldwide culinary trends. While her dishes reflect personal experience, they are also stories told through combinations of tastes and colors. 

The constantly changing menu is influenced by the availability of seasonal ingredients and a desire to tell new stories. The abundance of goodies in Lithuanian forests is overwhelming as is a fresh energy boost after spending time there. This autumn, the chefs present you not only with the taste and smell of the forest, but also mouth-watering scenery.

Aesthetic and decorated in earthy colours, the interior surrounds you with a calm and cozy atmosphere. It is a place where you can taste, share and uncover the restaurant’s stories while creating your own pleasant memories. 

Share your stories with friends and family, book a table and dive into the colourful world of tastes and textures created by the chefs for you!

The address is 39 Sv. Gertrudos g., Kaunas. You can book a table by calling +370 626 85 228 or via email