Wine & Dine Guide

  • 2017-04-05

Annas Darzs (Anna’s Garden), Riga

Cafe Annas Darzs (or “lounge” as they call themselves) will surprise you with its wonderful atmosphere. Located on the other side of the River Daugava, the place is surrounded by a garden, and through the window you can see the Daugava calmly flowing by. It is a little green oasis that’s fenced off from the bustle out on the street.

Annas Darzs offers delicious and sophisticated food, but many people favor this cafe exactly for the offered opportunity to hide from the city crowd and haste. Here you can sit down in a rocking chair and enjoy warmth from a real fireplace.
Despite the fact that the building is made mostly of particle board, it’s actually quite stylish and the floor to ceiling windows offer pleasant views.

The kids can run wild out on the grass in the summer, and in the winter you can grab a seat by the fireplace inside. Plenty of bicycle parking is also available.
Have a seat on the porch and order affordable international cuisine, while sipping a latte, a tasty local brew, or an organic soft drink. Annas Darzs is also one of the top places for brunch in Riga, but to reserve a place, you should do a pre-booking at +371 2882 2608. The address is 44 Mukusalas Street, Riga.