What tools and methods to use to quickly and cheaply promote a page on Instagram in 2022?

  • 2022-09-21

Instagram has over 1 billion active monthly users and nearly 500 millions users who are active daily. Over 1000 pictures are uploaded on IG every second – just imagine, what an ocean of possibilities opens to content creators here! Insta is the best platform to use as a head start for your blog, art content, product or service, but today it is not that easy to promote a page here, a competition between the talented content creators is pretty tough now.

This is why we’ve made a decision to create this article about social media management: in it we will tell what tools and methods it is worthy to use in 2022 to quickly, decently and cheaply promote a page on IG; if you need to buy Instagram followers and use the services of a professional SMM manager; what is the best strategy to keep up with to make the audience you’ve been able to gain stay with you permanently and if there are any free hacks that can quickly increase the number of your subs? 

How can you support your page for free?

The times when mutual following and liking worked have gone to the past; today you need to put in actual effort and thought to gather your first subscribers and then gradually enlarge your audience. However, there still are some free methods – although they’re going to take some of your time and energy. For example, you can join the activity chats where content creators share the links to the posts and stories that they want to get supported. After that they leave each other thumbs up, comments, saves – in other words, all the forms of activity that Instagram algorithms take as actual validation of the content. However, you’d have to spend hours everyday to get such support, so this is the method that won’t give long term results for sure. 

Commenting is also nice, but also for a short period of time – you’d have to leave friendly and encouraging commentaries under the posts of more popular bloggers of your or neighboring niche. Here you will be able to interact with the people who might be interested in your posts as well, and this is how you can gather your first subs too. Once again, you’d have to spend some time in the comments section, so we wouldn’t suppose that this method will last long: anyone will feel tired because of that at a certain point in time.

Can you do it faster and with less effort put in? 

Yes, this is when a possibility to buy real Instagram followers can really come in handy. This service can change the game for you once and for all: if you purchase authentic subs – the ones that are going to be real people and not bots – you’re going to be able to not only increase the number of your reasers, but also improve the statistics of your page. Instagram algorithms will eventually notice that your page is having way more interactions with the real pages, therefore, content on it is interesting, therefore, it is worthy to show that content as recommended to more and more people. This is how a relatively inexpensive service can induce natural development, but only if done right.

What else should be done during promotion?

The last step that should be made is setting a targeted ad for your profile. You can either promote a post or a story, depending on the type of content that you’re willing to spread around. We’d recommend starting to work with posts first, as this is a more stable format suitable for newcomers. Plus, it can include more information than a story.

The most important tip here: never rush for the biggest audience reach right from the start. If you’re setting a targeted ad yourself, first you have to check the rightness of the settings: age, location and interests of your potential readers. And only when you’re sure that things are working as you’ve planned, start gradually increasing the audience reach on each next targeted ad. But don’t make it too rapid – the audience that’s already there shouldn’t have any questions about the tempo of your page’s development. Make it look natural!

Sum up

Use all the methods and tips you can, but don’t forget that the most stable, efficient and permanent ones are the paid methods of promotion. Don’t hesitate to invest into your page – the payoff is going to completely satisfy you later.