Vaccination process brings out different long-term problems - Pavluts

  • 2021-07-29
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - Vaccination process in Latvia brings out different long-term problems in the society and health sector, said Health Minister Daniels Pavluts (For Development) in an interview with commercial TV3 television today.

One of the problems is related with family physicians. There are obviously problems if only half of family physicians are ready to vaccinate their patients, while some others are convincing their patients not to get vaccinated, the politician said.

Also, the insufficient funding for health care sector is more visible now, said Pavluts.

"Disbelief in the state power, maybe even partly inherited from the Soviet times.... Maybe we have not fully transformed from a totalitarian country to free democracy, to responsibility and solidarity of an individual," the politician said.

Asked whether the latest campaign, calling on people to get vaccinated, will be effective, Pavluts said that he does not hope that one or two campaigns will radically change people's opinions, but it is good that people are discussing the posters, the campaign and vaccination.

Other measures that might promote vaccination, according to the minister, could be additional funding to family physicians, vaccination lottery and others.