University of Latvia, Riga Technical University and Stradins University receive most enrollment applications

  • 2018-07-12
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - A total of 10,047 applications have been filed to study at Latvia's universities and colleges in the 2018/2019 academic year, according to enrollment results reported by all twelve universities and colleges in Latvia.

Last year, the total number of applicants willing to study at some of the twelve universities and colleges was 8,034. Riga Stradins University reports the highest increase in applications - 15 percent to a total of 1,900 applicants.

According to the portal, most applications have been received at the University of Latvia - 3,491 applications, which though is 178 applications less than last year. Riga Technical University has received 2,388 applications, or 74 applications more than in 2017.

1,900 applications have been submitted to Stradins University, Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies has received 807 applications, University of Daugavpils - 348 applications, BA School of Business and Finance - 236 applications, University of Liepaja - 215 applications, Rezekne Higher Education Institution - 208 applications, Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences - 142 applications, University of Business, Arts and Technology - 119 applications, Ventspils University College - 117 applications, ISMA University - 40 applications, and University of Economics and Culture - 36 applications.

358 applicants wish to study law at the University of Latvia, 329 - computer sciences at the university of Latvia, 325 - medicine at the University of Latvia, 230 - communication sciences at the University of Latvia, 230 - computer systems at Riga Technical University, 196 - psychology at the University of Latvia, 191 - information technology at Riga Technical University, 166 - construction at Riga Technical University, 131 - architecture at Riga Technical University, and 119 - management at the University of Latvia.