Travelling will become more expensive due to Covid-19 pandemic - Tourism Association

  • 2020-05-13
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, travel will become more expensive in the future, although prices will decrease in the short term, the president of the Tourism Association Inga Kavaca told LETA.

She mentioned that global tourism experts and organizations also acknowledge that in the future it should be taken into account that travel will become more expensive, because it will not be so accessible for safety reasons.

Kavaca pointed out that many traditional tourist countries are currently without any income, which suggests that prices will fall when travel resumes.

"Prices will probably fall at the beginning, but it must be understood that losses have been sustained for a relatively long period. It is possible to lower the price for a short time, but it is not possible to work below cost for a longer time,'' she said.

Kavaca pointed out that due to the Covid-19 pandemic, travel will never be the same as it was before - buy a ticket, get on a plane and fly anywhere in the world. Travel in the future will be controlled, only in a way that it yet unknown.

She added that over time, aircraft cabins may need to be remodeled or there will be a need to sit two meters apart. This means that there will be far fewer passengers on board.

"A vaccine will not be available any time soon, and it is clear that it will not be produced as quickly and in sufficient quantities. But as long as there is no effective vaccine, countries will not want to increase the risk of Covid-19," she said.

Hotels will also have to change, Kavaca added. She expressed doubts that buffet tables will be available anymore - individual service would have to be provided. Each room will have to be disinfected after each traveler. "There are a lot of questions and uncertainties. All this will greatly increase the cost of travel," the expert stressed.