The Dutch government aims to fight the problem of gambling

  • 2022-05-27

The gambling market has become increasingly liberalised and legalised in recent decades. These markets are booming substantially. The awareness of online casinos increases with eye-catching advertising. Gambling is today recognized as the fastest-growing industry in the world. A constantly changing phase of the industry is remote gambling. The global expansion of gambling is considered commercial entertainment. However, it can also take risks in its own right.

The integration of risk into gambling policy embodies in connection with the development of that rule. The "Netherland Government" has published regulations regarding the investigation of gambling damages. The new rules require all operators to provide specific data for research purposes. This helps to disseminate research findings on "gambling abuse." 

Remote Gambling Act came into force in April 2021

The Dutch government is currently tasking three institutions to achieve the fund's objectives. National Health Institute, ZonMw, and Human Assistance Network. Internet gambling has chosen to address three major gambling addictions to treat and prevent using VPF funding.

These institutions facilitate gambling addiction treatment, create national support services for problematic gamblers, and support treatment and prevention research.

1. The National healthcare institute designed anonymous remote treatment services. It offers various services to all problem gamblers. 

2. ZonMw is a government agency that funds a term called health research. It's tasked with coordinating gambling problem research. 

3. HANDS provides national support, which came into contact on 1 October 2021. After six months of the "remote gaming act," it marks the first day operators can offer their services legally. 

A "big shift" in Netherland gambling policies

The Dutch government wants to licence an online gambling service. A spokesman said the new government has a flexible approach. Each year they take strict action against thousands of online businesses ignored in the Netherlands.

The new proposal represents a policy to uphold restrictions on online gambling in the Supreme Court of the European Union. The Justice Minister wrote in a letter to the Dutch Parliament. They want a change in the law that gives them a clearer picture of gambling insights.

Some countries already regulate online gambling services. The Netherlands also offers licences for sports betting, bingo, and more. Teeven also added that the lottery licensing department of online casinos has become more transparent. They also expected to generate at least 10 million euros for an auction of online gambling services.

This article outlines new risk regulations in Dutch gambling policy. Organisational practices have been adopted for risk management. These new rules mean that licences need to be registered systematically. Dutch authorities need insights into internal and external data. They try to alert players about over-participation, sign-up frequency, game frequency, bonus in casino, transaction history, and customer support.


The information said that these actions are most important in remote gambling. The methods are tailored to the players to fight problems gaming as much as possible. This helps develop scientific insights about problematic gaming behaviour. Hopefully this is enough to know about the Dutch government's regulations on online casinos. And if you have any, let us know in the comments section.