The Current State of UX Design in European Companies

  • 2024-02-27

While companies around the world have come on in leaps and bounds with the technology they are able to put into their software and websites, it doesn't mean much if their customers can't use half of it. As fast as web and app design have developed, web UX design has had to keep pace to make sure all those innovations. UX is the art of user experience, making sure that customers get the most out of whatever they are using. Below are some of the best examples of UX design right now from companies across Europe.

Online Casino

One of the biggest challenges with any UX design is when there are many different moving parts that all need to work equally well. Irish company Paddy Power's business model is a perfect example, with the operator offering multiple different types of games. Players can use their site to play slots, live poker, or play bingo at Paddy Power Bingo, which has an entire dedicated part of the site.

The key thing that makes the site function with so many different areas is the clear site map and sectioning of all the parts. More importantly, it translates well into a mobile view naturally, which is a critical aspect of site design for both now and in the future. Every year, more and more web users are shifting to viewing and using websites on mobile devices, so a clear mobile site is essential.

Financial Apps

Out of all the innovations that came out of the last couple of decades, online payments and banking have been one of the biggest changes in terms of daily life. This popularity has been driven by companies like Revolut, which base their European banking operations out of Lithuania. For Revolut, one of the key parts of their success has been their mobile app.

The Revolut app is an excellent lesson in design principles. At the start, it featured only a handful of functions related specifically to cryptocurrency, and the app experience was optimized to make all transactions as smooth as possible. As more features were added later, each was blended in slowly and woven in with the others, meaning that each part could be introduced with no disruption of service.

Transport Services

Based entirely out of Estonia and catering to countries on multiple continents, Bolt is easily one of the biggest transport services coming out of Europe. Whether it's taxiing people around, hiring out electric scooters, or food delivery, it's all covered in just a couple of apps. What has made Bolt so popular though is that the apps are intuitive to use and adapt to users.

For example, Bolt Food prioritises recommendations for restaurants and groceries on the very first screen, based on previous choices and similar options. It means that users are immediately greeted with choices that are already likely to match their tastes, making the entire experience feel more personal and natural. At each step of a Bolt app, everything is adapted for a perfect fit.

No matter what the next step is in web or app development, always keep in mind that presenting it to the customer is a vital step that shouldn't be overlooked!