The Best Online Casino Games You Can Try In 2022

  • 2022-11-21

The rise in online casino players has been unprecedented in recent years. Perhaps bolstered by the lack of other recreational outlets during the pandemic years, online casino games, while always a popular pastime, are now dominating the e-gaming world. If you are looking for the top picks to try out in 2022, you’ve found the right guide. Keep reading to find the places to be. 


The game of roulette is centred around a spinning wheel. A bet is placed on a number on the wheel — red or black — and if it lands on your number, you win the round. As you can imagine, this format has proven highly popular online as it is one of the easier casino games to learn the ropes with and unlike some other traditional casino games, it doesn’t take much precise skill. There are multiple varieties, as you can see from this casino online formats are booming such as the American version or a European take. 


Arguably the most popular, Blackjack, also known as 21, makes the top of the list. The majority, if not all, of online casino sites, will have one or multiple versions of this game for players to pick from. When playing online you can choose to play alone, with other players, against AI technology or along with a live game. You get two cards and wait for the dealer to call their own card out. To win, you must end the round with a higher total than the dealer, which does not exceed 21. If your cards total higher than 21, you go bust and lose everything. 


Poker, though it began with humble origins, now has hundreds of versions to pick from. The rules vary between the formats, but there are some consistencies. Playing online, unlike playing in person, is definitely easier. Unless you are on camera, it completely eliminates the need for the traditional ‘poker face’ that people associate with playing a hand. Unlike blackjack and roulette, poker calls for logic, concentration and strategy from its players. Despite this, it remains a firm favourite of online casino subscribers and only continues to grow in terms of lucrative outputs. There are usually more opportunities to win big money on poker platforms. 


Slot games were built to be loud, engaging and money makers. Though it was once hard to imagine how a slot machine could be translated into an e-format, it works! They are simple. They are fun. They do not require a huge skill set, and people love them. It is easy to understand why online casino sites have embraced slot games with open arms, and the sheer volume of variety certainly speaks to this industry’s creative mind. Though the slot machine first began as a simplistic vessel, the principles remain the same for online gamers. Click the button, and watch the images match up, if you match three, you win. Some sites mix up the format and offer more potential for winning while still maintaining the integrity of the original purpose. 


Bingo, though once enjoyed more commonly in big, open halls has really taken off online. It is fun, compelling and a great social occasion. It has millions of players every day, online and offline, and playing online has made it more accessible and engaging than ever. All the varieties you would find in person and more are flooding online casino sites in a good way, and all you have to do is sit back and watch the numbers pop up, regardless of your favourite bingo variety. AI takes care of the rest and lets you know if you win, though it is still entertaining to watch along and click on your numbers as the game progresses. 

Casino games have always been a heavily subscribed method of recreation for players all over the world. This trend has only continued to grow and evolve, and it will continue down this trajectory for many years to come. It is fun, companies take safeguarding considerations to protect players from the risks of gambling, and is one of the most regulated industries across the world. There are plenty of games to pick from, so it is easy to see why it reigns supreme champion in the online gaming atmosphere.