The Best Nightlife Activities In The Baltics

  • 2021-05-16

Packed with adrenaline-rushing activities and lots of beautiful sceneries, the Baltics is great for adventurous people. You can enjoy a wide range of fun activities like parachute jumping, Kayaking, and even bobsleighing. There are lots of adventurous activities that will introduce you to the culture and traditions of the Baltic States, and the nightlife is quite inviting. Here are some of the best ways to enjoy the Baltics at night the next time you’re visiting for a holiday or vacation.

Enjoy the Tallinn Nightlife in the Historic Old Town

Since the Danish Vikings rolled in Tallinn in the 13 th century, the city has been partying. The city is popular for its epic nightlife and cheap beer, with the best it has to offer in the historic Old Town. There are surprisingly lots of pubs, clubs, bars, and strip clubs for the size of the city, making it an excellent destination for nightlife lovers.

During the day, you can take to the sea on a sailing cruise or a stripper yacht or soak the sun on Tallinn’s beautiful beaches. Tallinn has something for everyone, whether it’s a hilarious, weird, whacky, or adrenaline-filled party you want. You can also enjoy Husky Sledding, snowmobiles, ice fishing, and curling to keep you entertained.

Visit Latvia’s Best Casinos in Riga

As you can expect, Latvia’s best casinos are located in Riga. Indeed, half of Latvia’s casinos are found in the country’s capital, although you can also visit exquisite casinos in other cities like Dobele, Jelgava, and Aizkraukle.

To enjoy a poker hand in the most glamorous casino, you can try the Empire Casino and Lounge, located in the Mercure Riga Centre Hotel, which is only miles from Riga’s Old Town. Besides poker, you’ll find various traditional casino games to enjoy such as 3 card poker and blackjack with live DJs and a fantastic cocktail menu. Even better, you can enjoy the whole night at Empire.

The Olympic Voodoo Casino is also among the best casinos in Latvia, situated in Riga’s Radisson Blu Hotel. The casino offers 24,500 square feet of gaming space, with about 95 gaming machines like video reels, traditional reels, and video poker slots. Olympic Voodoo also features sports betting terminals and 16 table games like American Roulette, Blackjack, and Open Poker.

Enjoy Live Music, Cocktail bars, and Clubs in Lithuania’s Capital of Vilnius

While Vilnius offers an impressive combination of culture and history, the city is a top tourist hotspot for its after-dark activities. The nightlife is truly unique, with pubs and bars serving Lithuania’s local beers, most of which you’ll find nowhere else in the world.

From live music to cocktail bars and massive clubs, Vilnius has everything on offer. The nightlife in Vilnius is among the best in the Baltics, and you can even visit a gay bar if that’s what you’re into. These activities are concentrated in two main areas, the Islandijos street district and the Vokieciu street district, both located within walking distance.

Other activities you can do in Vilnius include Tank Driving, paintballing, quad bikes, karting, and beer bike. During the winter, top activities would be snowmobile riding and VIP sauna, and strip party.

Party and Drink Great Craft Beers in Kaunas

While in Lithuania, Kaunas is a wonderful city to visit to enjoy the amazing attractions it offers. Kaunas is also known for being among the liveliest cities in Lithuania for its alluring nightlife and good parties. Even better, Kaunas offers many great craft beers, including the widely known honey beer, Midus.

For unending live music featuring Lithuania’s best DJs, the DejaVu PartyBar is a great place to start. They’ve got a strict dress code, so it’s essential to dress accordingly if you don’t want to attract the bouncers’ attention. You can also visit the Mojo Lounge, which is Kauna’s most extravagant and stylish nightclub.

Besides partying, you can enjoy the biggest musical and cultural events in Gargaras at reasonable prices. Even better, the people partying at Gargaras are festive and super friendly.

Party in the University Town of Tartu

Home to some of the oldest universities, Tartu offers a wealth of museums like the Estonian National Museum, and the nightlife is upbeat. As Estonia’s second-largest town, the town is also a hotbed for scientific and creative culture, and there’s always something to enjoy, from festivals and concerts to theatre performances.

As one of the oldest cities in the Baltics, Tartu offers exciting sights to enjoy during the day, especially in the city center and a bustling nightlife. You can unwind at Club Illusion, which remains the most incredible club in town thanks to its wicked design and absolutely superb sound system. Even better, you can connect with the locals at the legendary Illegaard pub, which is known for offering good service and a free-minded atmosphere.