The Best Bitcoin Back Credit And Debit Cards In Crypto

  • 2021-08-11
  • Lucas Guardian

Bitcoin adoption is growing since the pandemic first began, and cryptocurrencies are clearly here to stay. Ethereum has become a robust network with thousands of decentralized applications and is resembling the early days of the internet gaining steam.

The one major difference between cryptocurrency technology and the internet, is the fact that money is involved. Money is at the basis of most decisions we make as a society, especially when it comes to what we spend on goods, services, products, and more.

Money is also at the center of how we spend, which is the biggest hurdle to crypto of all. Users claim there’s no way to actually spend Bitcoin but that’s changing by the day. As such, we’ve put together a list of the best Bitcoin back credit and debit cards that exist on the market today.

Why Combine Crypto With Credit And Debit Cards?

The biggest complaint pundits have against crypto is the fact that most people buy the assets not to spend them as the word “currency” would imply, but buyers hold or trade these assets for monetary gain.

Paying with cryptocurrencies requires the person selling the goods and services to accept cryptocurrencies, and be interested in exchanging the goods for the cryptocurrency being offered. This also might require a wallet of some sort, or another point of sales solution for accepting cryptocurrencies.

An alternative to this has blossomed in recent years, thanks to the emergence of crypto-focused debit and credit cards. Many of these cards do more than just let users pay with Bitcoin, Ethereum, or other altcoins, such as offering a BTC-back reward system.

Bitcoin And Crypto-Back Credit And Debit Cards

Not all credit or debit cards that offer Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies back in rewards let you also pay with crypto and vice versa, and few exist that allow for both as we’ll explain.


BlockFi is a newcomer in the crypto credit card space, only recently beginning to roll out its BlockFi VISA card with 1.5% BTC back rewards on every purchase. The waitlist is currently massive, and there’s ongoing issues with BlockFi related to select US states, however, the rewards are more lucrative than most.

There’s also an introductory boost that increases the amount of BTC back during the first 90 days the account is open, there’s no annual fee, and the card is linked to other BlockFi services through the related smartphone app. There, users can access crypto loans and more.

Fold Card

The Fold app first launched last year as a standalone way to buy gift cards and receive BTC-back for doing so. The ecosystem eventually evolved, and the company has since released a Bitcoin-ack debit card, however, users have to pay a fee for the premium card.

Users must also fund the account regularly through non-crypto means such as ACH or wires, but each purchase made with the card gives users a spin to win sats, other account boosts, and even up to 1 BTC. Daily spins are also awarded without any purchases and is a great way to stack sats without regular spending. Cards offers a vast lineup of crypto centric VISA cards each at an increasingly higher level of CRO tokens staked. Each level also provides CRO rewards at up to 8% back on purchases, but this requires users to own and stake a large sum of CRO tokens.

The cards offered also provide users with benefits beyond crypto rewards, such as free access to Netflix, Spotify, and much more. There’s also exclusive discounts offered for AirBnb, Expedia and other top travel options.

Coinbase Card

The Coinbase card has been around for some time in Europe but recently began to roll out in the US. The Coinbase card lets users get a small percentage back on purchases in Bitcoin, or a larger sum in Stellar lumens.

What’s interesting about the Coinbase card, is that it is a debit card that directly debits from cryptocurrencies held in a Coinbase account at the point of sale. This allows for easy spending of cryptocurrencies wherever a VISA card is accepted.

What To Do With Crypto Credit And Debit Cards

Once you have a crypto-centric credit or debit card, what you do with it to earn crypto-back rewards is entirely up to you. There are many options out there and the more you spend, the more you can earn back.

You can use the card to buy BTC or other cryptocurrencies and use it for margin on a platform like PrimeXBT that accepts debit and credit cards. Margin accounts like this provide access to S&P 500 trading, crypto, gold, oil, and much more with very little starting capital.

Using the card for everyday purchases such as groceries, Netflix subscriptions, and other regular recurring expenses is a great way to boost rewards earnings quickly.

Combining crypto debit and credit cards with other Bitcoin-back services such as Lolli is another way to maximize the amount of free BTC rewards anyone can receive. Lolli is a built-in browser extension that lets users earn Bitcoin back on purchases at major retailers online like Macy’s, Best Buy, GameStop, and many others.

For example, making a purchase through Lolli, but paying in the BlockFi card could lead to doubling the amount of BTC back in rewards from any given purchase. BTC awarded tends to be in smaller increments depending on how large the credit or debit card purchase is, but these small increments lead to large sums of money over time as the value of Bitcoin increases.

Remember, a $5 purchase in Bitcoin in the early days could have made you a millionaire, so don’t be too quick to rule out the value of incremental earnings through Bitcoin-back rewards.

Credit and debit cards are a great way to bridge the gap that’s currently missing between crypto and the current monetary system. By combining older technologies with the new, more users are able to get involved in crypto. And by giving users incentives to earn free crypto for using it more actively, it is another reason why crypto adoption is suddenly moving full steam ahead.