The benefits of opening companies in different European countries

  • 2019-04-18
  • Vlad Cuc

Europe, also known as the Old Continent, is home to many countries in which entrepreneurs can thrive when starting a business. There are many states which offer stability, incentives, great taxation systems and many more, which is why it is hard to decide on the best European country to open a company in.

When choosing the European country to set up a business in, the choice should be made based on a deep analysis of the market and research of the people your products address. For example, Malta is a great destination for opening a gaming business in. At the same time setting up a subsidiary in Malta is a great option for those looking for a flexible taxation system.

Luxembourg is a good option for financial and innovative companies

Another small, yet just an important European country which offers great benefits to business people is Luxembourg. Starting a business in Luxembourg offers stability, a great administration and flexibility when it comes to the types of structures for operations.

Luxembourg is a good choice for those interested in starting a financial business, given its status as a financial center at a global level, but also for those interested in research and development, as Luxembourg has earned a reputation as an innovation center in Europe.

The Netherlands offers great tax advantages

For those looking for as many tax advantages as possible, opening a company in the Netherlands is a proper choice. Not only is the Netherlands suitable for registering a new company, but also expanding a business through a Dutch branch office can bring many tax advantages to the parent company.

Just like Luxembourg, the Netherlands is one of the most developed economies in terms of innovation in Europe and the European Union which makes it a great destination for those looking to invest in research and development activities.

Italy, one of the most important trading hubs in Europe

The geographical location makes Italy one of the best European countries for opening a company in the trading sector. From logistics to freight transportation and import and export activities, opening a business in Italy is a great idea for those looking to benefit from the developed infrastructure and access to the rest of Europe, but also Africa and all the way to the Middle East and Asia.

Agriculture is another strong point of Italy, considering the great numbers of agricultural products exported by local companies.

Each European country has its advantages and the decision on the best state to start a business in will be primarily based on the needs and expectations of the entrepreneur. Due diligence and attention are the two most important aspects when choosing an European country to open a company in.