The benefits for entrepreneurs in supporting educational initiatives

  • 2024-07-01
  • Andris K. Bērziņš, Managing Partner of “Change Ventures” and Co-Founder of “StartSchool”

It is crucial for entrepreneurs and company leaders to support new initiatives to promote innovation and the overall economic growth in the long term. By supporting innovative educational programs that help acquire skills and knowledge needed in the labour market, entrepreneurs not only gain the opportunity to find new talents but also contribute to the overall growth of the business ecosystem and the economy. One should not let prejudices hinder participation in such projects that provide numerous benefits for both individual companies and the economy as a whole.

While it is natural to have various prejudices and concerns about the challenges and benefits of supporting new initiatives, entrepreneurs need to recognize how different educational programs that prepare future specialists can be helpful. A prime example is the "StartSchool" program – by engaging in this initiative, companies gain direct access to new talents and future technology leaders. Supporting educational programs allows companies to early identify potential employees who can drive the company's development in the future. This is particularly important in the rapidly changing and evolving technology sector, where the introduction of new and creative ideas is essential for maintaining competitiveness. Young talents often bring fresh ideas and energy, which are crucial resources for a company's development. Additionally, the involvement of entrepreneurs is a significant factor that enhances the quality of education – by providing practical knowledge, resources, and experience, entrepreneurs complement the academic learning process. As a result, students acquire practical and labor market-demanded skills.

Positive Company Image

Engaging in educational initiatives improves a company's reputation, demonstrating social responsibility and a commitment to promoting sustainable development. Society increasingly values companies that care about education and public welfare. This fosters customer loyalty and strengthens the company’s brand. I hope that entrepreneurs involved in "StartSchool" will become positive examples for others, showing how support for education can be beneficial for both business and society, encouraging others to follow their example.

Economic Development and Labour Market Formation

By supporting such initiatives, entrepreneurs shape the labour market and help young talents prepare for labour market demands. This is crucial for economic development because educated and qualified specialists are the foundation of any economy. In the long term, it also promotes the development of the business environment and increases the opportunities for companies' development and growth. Sustainable development requires investments in education and technology. By supporting educational initiatives, companies help create not only the next generation of employees but also innovators capable of addressing future global challenges. This is an investment in the future of both the company and society as a whole.

Education as the Cornerstone of the Future

Education is one of the main components that ensure the sustainable development and growth of a nation. It is not only the foundation of individual human development but also the cornerstone of the welfare and progress of society as a whole. The long-term benefits of education are broad and multifaceted, affecting economic, social, and cultural aspects.