Ten Belarusian companies have expressed wish to relocate to Latvia

  • 2020-09-07
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - Ten Belarusian companies have so far expressed the wish to relocate their business to Latvia, Kaspars Rozkalns, director of the Latvian Investment and Development Agency (LIAA), told LETA.

He indicated that in about a week, LIAA has provided consultations to more than 100 Belarusian companies that are seriously considering moving their operations to Latvia.

"These enterprises are simultaneously considering other options as well, so it is critical to act fast. At present, we are working in close cooperation with the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs, State Border Guard, the financial supervisor and other institutions to prepare a relevant and tested road map for those companies that will decide in favor of Latvia's offer," said Rozkalns. 

The LIAA director added that the companies considering relocation to Latvia include Belarus' leading information and communication (ICT) companies. 

In cooperation with the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs and other institutions, LIAA has set up a special team which is processing the Belarusian companies' applications and offering them possible solutions, including the so-called startup visas or the European Union's (EU) Blue Card, allowing for highly-qualified professionals and their family members to receive temporary residence permits in the EU. 

"We can say already know that Belarusian companies are interested in considering the opportunities offered by Latvia. By working closely with the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs, LIAA has also organized the first in-person visits of Belarusian entrepreneurs to Latvia. The agency has provided more than 100 consultations and ten companies have already taken decisions on partial or complete relocation to Latvia," Rozkalns said.