TEHIK signs EUR 8 mln agreements for e-service development with Helmes, Medisoft

  • 2020-09-21
  • BNS/TBT Staff

TALLINN - The Estonian Health and Welfare Information Systems Center (TEHIK) has signed a framework agreement with Helmes software company for the development of e-services in the area of social protection for eight million euros; TEHIK also signed an agreement for the development of pension services with producer of social insurance and medical software Medisoft for the same amount.

Director of Tehik Katrin Reinhold said that with such a large-scale e-state project, the only feasible option is to have a number of top private sector developers and experts contribute to the effort over the next few years.

"Every Estonian citizen has the right to receive various types of support in certain stages of their life, and it is our goal that no one should go out of their way or unnecessarily spend their time in order to benefit from them, but that these processes should instead be automatic, smart and user-friendly," Reinhold said in a press release.

The agreements with Helmes and Medisoft were signed for four years.

Earlier agreements between TEHIK and Nortal, Trinidad Wiseman and Rocksoft remain in place, the three technology companies are working on the management of parental allowances and information systems, user experience and design, and finance software, respectively.