Tallinn names Lembitu Park square Ukraine Square

  • 2022-06-10
  • BNS/TBT Staff

TALLINN – The Tallinn city government named the as yet unnamed square in the center of Lembitu Park in the city center Ukraine Square.

"Tallinn considers it important to express support for Ukraine, which is currently fighting a war for all of us. That is why we gave the name of Ukraine Square to a dignified location with symbolic value in the center of Tallinn, which we will transform into an urban spatial symbol that worthily celebrates Ukraine's current persistent resistance and protection of independence," Tallinn Deputy Mayor Madle Lippus said. "Near the Ukraine Square there is also the building of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Iceland Square, which together with the Ukraine Square form a uniform ensemble."

The Tallinn city government decided to establish Ukraine Square in Lembitu Park, located between Lembitu, Vambola and Lauteri streets. The fact that the historic buildings of the area were almost completely destroyed in the March 1944 bombing is also symbolically significant. The Tallinn city planning department in cooperation with the city's sectoral authorities will start developing the complete urban spatial solution of the square and Lembitu Park.

The Tallinn naming committee discussed proposals for naming streets, squares and parks of Tallinn after Ukraine and recommended that the city government consider three options -- in addition to Lembitu Park also the park in the middle of Kaarli Avenue and the Uus Maailm green.