Tallinn city govt to build Olympic standard swimming pool in Lasnamae

  • 2019-09-04
  • BNS/TBT Staff

TALLINN – The City of Tallinn in cooperation with private entrepreneurs is seeking to establish an Olympic standard swimming pool next to the Tondiraba Ice Hall in the Estonian capital's Lasnamae district, and is expected to be completed by the end of 2025.

The Olympic standard pool, which is to be built at 14a Varraku Street, will have at least two separate pools, including a 50-meter and 25-meter pool, it appears from the minutes of a city government sitting.

In order to find a builder and manager for the swimming pool at 14a Varraku Street, the city property department is to organize a concession procurement and the city government is to submit a draft resolution to the city council, the city government said.

Mayor Mihhail Kolvart said that the objective of the city is to establish an Olympic standard pool by way of cooperation between the public and private sectors. "Such a swimming pool would allow not only high-quality training but also the hosting of international competitions," the mayor said, adding that steps have been taken toward establishing the pool before, too, but the city has now reached more concrete activity.

"If all goes well, construction will begin in the fall of 2021 and the swimming pool will be completed by the end of 2025," Deputy Mayor Eha Vork, who is responsible for curating the management of city property, said in a press release.

Vork said that a potential developer must have sufficient prior experience in developing projects of the same scale. "Joint tenders can also participate in the procurement, this will enable the developer to involve an operator to start managing the pool in the offer," she added.