Tallinn city government: Several benefits increased significantly

  • 2019-01-09
  • BNS/TBT Staff

TALLINN - The budget of the city of Tallinn for 2019 is the largest to date and focuses more than before on supporting people with disabilities, also, several allowances have increased significantly, the city government said.

"We have placed particular importance on helping people in need of assistance and developing services for them. The services and allowances are aimed at families with children, the elderly, people with special needs and others in need of help," Tallinn Deputy Mayor Tonis Molder said, adding that the city has allocated over 2,267,000 euros for caregiver's allowances. 

"The allowance of caregivers of persons with profound disability has increased from 40 euros to 100 euros per month and that of caregivers of persons with severe disability from 30 euros to 50 euros per month. The disabled child allowance rose from 76 euros to 100 euros per month and the rate of compensation for childcare service from 166 euros to 173.5 euros per child in one calendar month. In the event of birth of twins, the family will receive childbirth allowance in the amount of 1,000 euros instead of the earlier 640 euros," Molder said of the increase of aid intensity at the city government's press conference on Wednesday.

The deputy mayor also pointed out that in addition to increasing aid intensity, the budget for 2019 also focuses on development and availability of services. "For instance, we are developing and increasing the volume of services in social transport, caregiver respite service, social monitoring service, also known as the personal alarm button service," Molder said. "Major investments also regard comprehensive renovation of Tondi Middle School and Lasnamae Middle School as well as wage growth for carers and psychologists," the deputy mayor said.