Tallinn Botanic Garden to exhibit hundreds of peonies

  • 2022-06-16

Between 20 June and 3 July, Tallinn Botanic Garden welcomes you to the fascinating world of gorgeous peonies. This is the peak of their blooming season when every new day will surprise you with newly opened flowers.

The display contains more than 300 varieties of herbaceous, some woody peonies and a number of Itoh hybrids. There are historical varieties bred in Western Europe and North America in the 19th and 20th century.

During these two weeks, visitors can take part in guided tours or flower-making workshops, enjoy a concert, or walk on their own among fragrant flower beds. The curator’s class on a weekday evening will provide simple tips on growing peonies at home.

In China, the tradition of growing peonies as medicinal and ornamental plants dates back several millennia, and their flowers symbolise wealth, beauty, and royalty. They have, however, become rare in the wild due to human intervention. Peonies found their way from Estonian manors to farm gardens more than a century ago, valued for their beauty and sturdiness. Three main ‘varieties’ were known by their colour: white, red, and so-called layman’s pink.  These days, peony enthusiasts can choose from thousands of varieties and hybrids with fascinating flower shapes and colour schemes.

Visitors are welcomed to vote for the most beautiful peony variety in Tallinn Botanic Garden!

We recommend purchasing an 11-euro monthly ticket or a 10-euro monthly ticket so that you can enjoy the blooming of early and late varieties.

Events at the peony display:


12.00 guided tour in Estonian (curator Anne Jaakson)

13.00 guided tour in Russian (Maria Strukova)

13.00–15.00 flower-making workshop (Pille Hermann)


17.00 curator’s class (Anne Jaakson)


12.00 guided tour in Estonian (Urmas Laansoo)

13.00–15.00 flower-making workshop (Pille Hermann)


12.00 guided tour “White” in Russian (Maria Strukova)

13.00 concert of the ensemble “Oma Band” (Marina Schigorets-Sokolova – saxophone, Aleksander Smirnov – cello, Olga Marenkova – piano)